Kinbrook and Kingsfield Build Community Spirit over Easter

Moremac Property Group’s estates Kingsfield in Sunbury and Kinbrook in Donnybrook hosted their own Easter egg hunts fostering strong community spirit.




Moremac Property Group

Both Kinbrook and Kingsfield held free events over the Easter holiday break with Moremac supplying chocolate treats to be discovered in each estate’s park, along with refreshments for parents on the morning of the hunt.

Importantly, both Easter activities were community led, with residents showing a great deal of passion for their homes in organising the events. 

“We were really pleased to have been asked by our residents directly for assistance in the Easter Egg Hunts at Kingsfield and Kinbrook,” said Lachlan Moore, Sales and Marketing Director at Moremac.

“We’re fortunate enough to be able to foster some really strong relationships with members of our communities, so it’s certainly not unusual for us to lend a helping hand where we can.”

Dannielle Calvert co-ordinated the Kinbrook hunt saying for those living at the estate, the Easter spirit was well and truly in the air.

“It’s like an old school community where everyone knows and cares for each other. Everyone is willing to help each other,” she said.

This was the second consecutive hunt for Kinbrook who counted over 60 kids racing throughout the park in the search for chocolate Easter eggs.

With the idea for the hunt coming directly from local residents, Ms Calvert said that it is important to host these events to bring the community closer together.

“It means the kids can get to know each other and develop friendships, and the residents get to mingle and get to know each other. It grows the community spirit,” she said.

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