Recognising Kingsfield for World Environment Day

Moremac Property Group is putting sustainable master planned estates at the forefront with their Kingsfield development leading the charge.





Located adjacent to the established suburb of Sunbury, Moremac is championing sustainability initiatives through its Kingsfield estate, and bringing the community along the journey with them.

Situated along Emu Creek, the project is focussing on sustainability through a number of innovate features, including an East Coast residential first with Reconophalt, a new recycled asphalt, used for road construction.

Reconophalt contains TonerPlas (soft plastics & printer toner), RAP (Recycled Asphalt), recycled oil and can contain recycled glass. The TonerPlas, RAP, oil and glass are all 100% recycled and mixed with an asphalt mix for a more environmentally friendly finish.

Kingsfield residents will also be the beneficiaries of a dedicated Sustainability Fund, where contributions will be made via Moremac sales revenues and an amount from select energy providers chosen to install solar power systems in the development.

Notably, the decision of where the funds are utilised lies with the Kingsfield community who will elect where best to make improvements or begin new initiatives.

“The sustainability fund will be used on environmentally conscious projects, which most importantly will be elected on by the residents themselves,” said Moremac Development Director, Steve Butler.

“Initiatives could include creating environmentally conscious amenities or recycling initiatives, but it will ultimately be decided by the residents, which is a really effective way of building a strong Kingsfield community.”

Future residents will also benefit from 133 hectares of open space neighbouring the Emu Creek wetlands, with signature tree-lined streetscapes and parklands.

The environmentally conscious development will preserve Emu Creek, protect the native inhabitants, create balanced open space, wetlands and parklands providing a cleaner and better future.

If living a greener life is something you want to be a part of, contact the Kingsfield sales team by emailing or calling 0448 003 639.

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