Refill and Reuse at Kingsfield

Moremac Property Group has created a detergent refill station to encourage residents to minimise their waste and support local charities while completing everyday household cleaning.




Moremac Property Group

Kingsfield, Moremac’s Masterplanned estate on Lancefield Road in Sunbury, now offers one refill of dishwashing and laundry detergent per month to residents as part of the environmentally conscious estate’s ethos of creating a sustainable community.

A gold coin donation is all that’s required to take advantage of the cleaning supplies with all funds going towards a local organisation once a set target has been reached, at which point the tally will reset and a different group will receive the next donation.

Residents were asked to elect the first local charity to benefit with CareWorks, a not-for-profit crisis relief centre dedicated to supporting local people and families in Sunbury who find themselves going through a difficult time.

The donation process will be repeated as long as the station is in operation.

It’s the latest initiative aimed at encouraging residents to be thoughtful in regard to sustainable living.

Most recently, Moremac provided residents with eco-friendly activities and tools as part of a social media Sustainability Challenge.

Those who took part became ambassadors for their own estates in sharing thoughtful and innovative ways to create a sustainable household while completing day-to-day chores.

The estate, adjacent to Emu Creek, is also focussing on sustainability through a number of innovate features, including an East Coast residential first with Reconophalt, a new recycled asphalt, used for road construction.

Reconophalt contains TonerPlas (soft plastics & printer toner), RAP (Recycled Asphalt), recycled oil and can contain recycled glass. The TonerPlas, RAP, oil and glass are all 100% recycled and mixed with an asphalt mix for a more environmentally friendly finish.

Kingsfield residents will also be the beneficiaries of a dedicated Sustainability Fund, where contributions will be made via Moremac sales revenues and an amount from select energy providers chosen to install solar power systems in the development.

The fund is designed to unite local minds and inject sustainable initiatives into the community through a collaborative, grass-roots model.

Residents will be empowered to engage with eco-conscious living in their own backyard, via a system that contributes back to the community.

Moremac hopes the detergent initiative will lead to residents taking the lead in reducing unnecessary waste in the home.

“The residents in Kingsfield are already very environmentally conscious so we’re expecting a strong take up of the detergent station,” said Sales and Marketing Director at Moremac, Lachlan Moore.

“We hope this will encourage our residents to see where else they can reduce waste in their homes when completing other day-to-day tasks.”

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